With Spain well on the way to economic recovery, it has been predicted that over the next two years the country will see further reductions in unemployment and yet more stability of banking conditions. Figures released by the Spanish national institute of statistics (Instituto Nacional de Estadística, or INE) have indicated that the second quarter of 2016 Spanish GDP has grown by 3.2%.

This is just the first of Marbella Livings excellent reasons why buyers should invest in Spanish property. Growth figures indicate that Marbella property is a safe investment that, looking at current economic trends, is only likely to increase in value.

But it’s not only financial gain that makes Marbella property such an attractive investment. To start with, the area itself is beautiful. The year round temperate climate has long been a draw for holidaymakers and expats looking to escape the colder seasons at home, but the stunning variety of views, including breath-taking sea views, mountain vistas and picturesque golf courses, coupled with a wide variety of luxury properties on offer makes Marbella all the more appealing.

Malaga airport is a global gateway that can be easily accessed from all over the world, while Malaga also features excellent high-speed train connections across the rest of the country. Marbella also offers an abundance of ports and marinas (the most famous of which is the local night life spot Puerto Banús). All this makes of Marbella a jewel to be lauded thanks to its climate and culture.

Marbella is also known around the world for its fantastic quality of life. The area offers beautiful properties, world famous restaurants, golden beaches, sports clubs as well as a huge selection of shops, bars and clubs. The area offers something for everyone, which means that the whole family is guaranteed a wonderful holiday. For those thinking of making a more permanent move, the area offers a number of excellent schools as well as clubs and social events which can help new residents meet other expats living in the area.

Finally, the Costa del Sol real estate market is one of the most highly valued for real estate investment. Whereas property value in mainland Spain is increasing between 20%-30% annually, in Marbella this percentage is within the higher range and sometimes even exceeds it. 25% of Europeans are thinking of getting retired abroad and southern Spain is one of their destinations of choice.

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